Building, structuring and maintaining an effective inside sales or business development organization can be somewhat of a mystery and often comes together in an ad hoc or haphazard way without much forethought or planning. This all to often leads to ineffective results and an ever changing charter which, at the end of the day rarely benefits the organization or its original intent. Moreover, if these teams are not built the right way, transparency and measurement of the groups success becomes an inexact science at best.

Slipstream Partners has years of experience in the implementation of inside sales and business development organizations, understanding what it takes from a structure, discipline and execution perspective. By understanding the different moving parts of an inside organization and implementing tried and true methodologies for its ensured success, these groups can flourish and add a high level of value and ROI. These moving parts are as follows:

  • Finding, Interviewing and Hiring the Right Talent
  • Effective Training and Onboarding
  • Compensation that Rewards the Desired Behavior
  • Measurement
  • Reporting
  • Leveraging a CRM
  • Interacting with Field Sales and Management

These different parts when put together create an effective team focused on the goals of it host organization.