Lead Generation - Developing Leads Critical to Your Businesses Success

Slipstream Partners has over 10 years experience in developing strong pipelines for organizations. We leverage our expertise in this area to help our clients fill their pipelines with high quality, targeted leads.

  • You can leverage contacts you already have and work with Slipstream to make the most of the leads and turn them into qualified sales opportnities.
  • Slipstream also has a database of over 50 million contacts we can use to help build your pipeline from your target account lists.
  • Slipstream Partners takes great care in tailoring messaging which will resonate with your prospects. Short, sweet and to the point.
  • Our team is compromised of highly season business development representative with years of experience in developing leads. Our goal is for our team to become part of your team, with the product knowledge and skills necessary to make a difference.
  • We are not scripted and automated. In this day and age, many prospects, once they realize they are being subject to a script, immediately turn off, irregardless of the messaging.
  • Our team specializes in getting to know your resources and bring specialists in at the right time to make the most of an opportunity.
  • Slipstream Partners offers flexible option for the number of hours we work on your behalf.